Striangle Inc.
About Our Business

Striangle is very realistic about our vision and the achievement of our mission.  We know that the beauty of our plan is to make you successful
as easy as possible realizing your business will not be an instant success but requires dedication and patience.

Our Vision:  Providing a simple business vehicle to get you to your goals.

Striangle Background:  Striangle provides solutions to address key areas from business
development to project execution.

We intend to provide high quality full-service combines with low-cost, and low-risk that today's
businesses demand.  Our focus is to help your business to reach its potential goals.

A great strategy should be at the center of your business.  Striangle, therefore, is NOT ONE
DIMENSIONAL to be effective for your business.  Our differentiations of the approaches to your
business are:

  • End-to-End Business Integration from Strategy to Plan, and to Execution.
  • Segmented and Targeted Approach.
  • Solution Oriented with Real Work Plan.
  • Established Top Down and Bottom Up Outputs with Complete Improvement Tracking.
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